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Software package free of charge


As a special promotional offer, and for a limited period only, we are offering a free copy of the Lovibond® pool software for all new purchases of the PM…


MD 100 Photometer

Perfect systems for control and optimization of water quality.

MD 100 Boiler Water

Aluminium (0,01 – 0,25 mg/l Al Chloride (0,5 – 20 mg/l Cl-) Copper (0,3 – 5,0 mg/l…

Orbeco-Hellige is now Tintometer Inc.

Since its acquisition by Tintometer GmbH in 2006, Orbeco-Hellige has been a member of the Tintometer® Group.  Although we have both been offering the same products, Tintometer has been…


Incubators – TC series

The TC series of thermostatically controlled cabinets is used for continuous temperature control over a range of 2 °C to 40 °C. This makes them ideal for a wide range…

Spark-free cabinets – EX series

The German guidelines „Working Safely in Laboratories BG-I 850-0“ stipulates that interior spaces must be explosion-protected where hazardous, explosive atmospheres can develop (for example, due to the presence of flammable…

Lovibond® Tablet Reagents

The ideal reagent for water analysis

Tablet reagents are considered to be the best way to introduce the reagent to the water sample. Production techniques and high in-house quality standards…


Tintometer wins the “Golden Wave” for 2013

Real innovation brings about permanent improvements in the market. This is why Europe’s largest-circulation pool & spa magazine “Schwimmbad & Sauna” (, an organisation with more than 40 years of…

Photometer PM 600 & PM 620

The PM 600 and PM 620 photometer range brings pool testing to the next level for discerning pool operators. The ergonomic, portable, waterproof design enables users to select just one…

Pooltester Scuba ll

The Next Generation of Electronic Pool Testing Has Arrived!

The Scuba electronic pool tester has found its successor in the Scuba II. The five measurable parameters include free Chlorine, total…