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  • The new MD 640

    Complete solution for cooling water analysis Do you need PTSA and/or Fluorescein testing capabilities? Do you also need to test other photometric parameters used in cooling water analysis such as Molybdate and Chlorine? Then our latest inno…

  • Completely newly developement

    The SD 400 Oxi L is a completely newly developed instrument that has been designed for the application of treatment plants and waterworks, research and teaching, as well as fish-farming. The luminescence technology combines high measurement accuracy …

  • The new SD 310 Oxi

    New oxygen meter The SD 310 Oxi is the latest generation of oxygen meters and replaces the previous model, SensoDirect Oxi200. It has been designed specifically to target laboratories and environmental institutions, such as treatment plants…

  • PM 630 and MD 610 with Bluetooth®

    We have expanded our photometer series with the PM 630 and MD 610. The PM 630 is a multi-parameter instrument built to analyze water in pools and spas. The MD 610 targets the analysis of industrial wastewater and potab…

  • New: BOD measurement system BD 600

    The BD 600 is our latest device for BOD measurement. The new device is designed specifically for use in laboratories and purification plants and enables automatic BOD measurement at customizable intervals (over 1 to 28 days). All result information c…

  • Users of the Lovibond-systems are:

    • Industrial companies
    • Communities
    • Research Centers


    • Drinking Water
    • Industrial and Processing Water
    • Waste water