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Test Strips

  • Hazard free
  • Rapid
  • Always to hand
  • Semi quantitative results

Test strips offer quick, clean results without the fuss of reagents or tablets. Their dip and compare method makes them a popular choice for many applications where speed and simplicity are most important.

Code Description Range Tests/Pack Type
56S000190 Chlorine HR 10-200mg/l Cl2 100 SQ
56S000290 Chlorine (Starch Iodide) Presence/Absence 100 Q
56S000301 Chlorine (Starch Iodide) Presence/Absence 5m reel Q
56S000450 Chlorine Dioxide LR 0.1-1.6mg/l ClO2 50 SQ
56S000550 Chlorine Dioxide HR 0.5-100mg/l ClO2 50 SQ
56S000625 Copper 0.05-5.0mg/l Cu 25 SQ
56S000725 Iron 0.1-5.0mg/l Fe 25 SQ
56S000850 Hydrogen Peroxide 0.5–100mg/l H2O2 50 SQ
56S000950 Hardness Total 40-1000mg/l CaCO3 50 SQ
56S001890 Nitrate/Nitrite 10-500mg/l NO3 : 1-80mg/l NO2 100 SQ
56S001990 Nitrite 3000 100-3000mg/l NO2 100 SQ
56S001090 pH (pH Fix) pH 4.5-10 100 SQ
56S001190 pH (pH Fix) pH 7-14 100 SQ
56S001290 pH (pH Fix) pH 0-14 100 SQ
56S001394 pH (Paper) pH 6.0-8.1 200 SQ
56S001494 pH (Paper) pH 9.5-12 200 SQ
56S001594 pH (Paper) pH 8.0-9.7 200 SQ
56S001690 Peracetic Acid 0.05-50mg/l CH3CO3H 100 SQ
56S001790 Peracetic Acid 100-500mg/l CH3CO3H 100 SQ
56S002090 Sulphite 10-1000mg/l SO32- 100 SQ