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Every pool owner should check the most important parameters in his pool at regular intervals. This is the only way to ensure that water quality is maintained at an right level and to arrange dosing in an optimum manner.

Water Analysis


Water Analysis >>

The Lovibond® range offers users the best equipment for all water test requirements: potable, drinking and washing water, surface, ground and raw water, wastewater and effluents and swimming pools. Test instruments with a choice of tablet, powder and liquid reagents.

Colour Mearsurement


Colour Measurement and

Quality Control >>

For colour measurement of liquids and solid surfaces. Petroleum (ASTM D1500), edible oils (ISO15305), pharmaceuticals, beverages (EBC & ASBC), as well as surface colour analysis for plastics, paints and coatings, printing, food, textiles and packaging.

Pool Water Analysis


Pool Water Analysis

Instruments >>

Rapid Tests, Comparator, Hand Held Meters, Turbidity Meters, Photometer, Natural Swimming Ponds, Reagents


Environmental Water Analysis


Environmental Water

Analysis Instruments >>

Rapid Tests, Comparator, Hand Held Meters, Photometer, Temperer, BOD, Turbidity Meters, Jar-Tester, Chlorine Analyzer, Reagents, PD 250
Powder Dispenser


Colour Mearsurement Instruments


Colour Measurement

Instruments >>

Automatic Transmission Measurement:
PFXi-195 Series, Automatic Transmission, PFXi-880, -950, -995 Series, Automatic Transmission, RCMSi, Remote Calibration, TA 4 Online Colorimeter

Automatic Reflectance Measurement:
LC 100 & SV 100 Spectrocolorimeter, NC45, Non-Contact, RT100-200 Series, Handheld Reflectance, RT250-300-400-500 Portable Reflectance,
RT600-700-800 Series, Benchtop Reflectance, Software, Colour Control

Visual Measurement:
AF710-3, Visual, Comparator 3000 / Petroleum AF650, Visual Grading, Comparator System 2000, Visual Grading, Model F, Visual


Colour Applications

  Environmental Water Analysis


Industrial Water

Instruments >>

Build your own testkit, Photometry, Electrochemistry, Titration, Prozess Control, Building Services, Water-Conditioning, Microbiology, Potable Water, Waste Water, Colorimetry