The SD 400 Oxi L

Water 10.04.2018

New oxygen meter

The Tintometer Group has enhanced its product portfolio with a new oxygen meter which utilises optical electrodes, the SD 400 Oxi L. This technology enables the most accurate and precise measurements. The instrument is equipped with an intuitive menu and enables rapid test results.

The SD 400 Oxi L is a completly newly developed instrument that has been designed for the application of treatment plants and waterworks, research and teaching, as well as fish-farming. The luminescence technology combines high measurement accuracy with low maintenance and operates without electrolyte solution.

  • High measurement accuracy using luminescence technology
  • Short response time of the oxygen electrode
  • Low maintenance due to long-life electrode
  • Low incident flow of the electrode – no need for stirring
  • incl. software for advanced and simplified data management with data logger function
  • Backlit LC-display for measurements in any environment

With its standard BOD flask-optimized electrode, the SD 400 Oxi L is ideally suited for the measurement of BOD in laboratories using the dilution method.

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