Kreis Value

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Range: Depends on concentration and pathlength
Path length: 1 - 153mm (1/16"- 6")

A colorimetric test that uses the colour produced by the action of chemical reagents as a quantitative assessment of oxidative rancidity of fats and oils.

The test has been devised so that the colour intensity of the treated sample is reduced to 5 Lovibond® Red units or less, either by reducing the path length of the sample cell or by dilution.

Kreis values which indicate the level of rancidity are obtained using a simple equation based on Lovibond® Red units, the path length of cell in cm and the concentration of the oil.

The results are reported to be reproducible to 5 - 10%. Using this test, deterioration due to oxidation may be detected at a very early stage; fresh fats and oils that have not been kept under oxygen-free conditions give a positive reaction.


  • Edible Oils and Fats
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