Saybolt Colour

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Range: -16 (darkest) to +30 (lightest)
Path Length: 50mm (PFX/PFXi-195 Series), 100mm (PFX/PFXi-880,950,995 Series)

The Saybolt Colour scale is used for grading light coloured petroleum products including aviation fuels, kerosine, naphthas, white mineral oils, hydrocarbon solvents and petroleum waxes.

The colour range of the Saybolt-scale is similar to that of the Platinum-Cobalt/Hazen/APHA Colour (ASTM D 1209) scale and is therefore employed for the measurement of water-clear, colourless to slightly yellowish products.

The faintest coloration is Saybolt-colour number +30, the strongest evaluable Saybolt coloration value is -16.


  • Petroleum Oils and Waxes
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Applicable Standard ASTM D156
ASTM D6045