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Part Number 400810


  • Enables Sample Measurements from a Distance
  • Eliminates Surface Distortion
  • Simplifies Measurements of Two & Three Dimensional Objects
  • Additional Mounting Stand for Accurate Height Adjustments
The Lovibond® NC 45 Non Contact 45/0º geometry benchtop spectrophotometer is designed for the colour measurement of many types of wet and dry samples including powders, pastes, gels, plastics and paints. The versatile form factor also simplifies measurements on two and three dimensional objects. The NC 45 utilizes LED illumination, ensuring efficient robust functionality and reliable performance.


  • Coatings
  • Food and Beverage
  • Household Products
  • Medical and Clinical Products
  • Plastics
  • Sugar Solutions, Syrups and Honey
  • Textiles
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Non-Contact Colour Measurement for Awkward Samples
    You can now measure samples from a distance, eliminating surface distortion caused by contact based measurement methods.  
    Powders and tablets powders are often difficult to measure due to the uneven texture of the product. Sample presentation methods such as glass barriers often distort the appearance of the material. You can now avoid this situation and measure powders, gels, liquids, creams and pastes in their natural states.
  • Two & Three Dimensional Objects No Longer a Problem 
    The versatile design and integrated gloss sensor provides 60º correlated gloss values, simplifying measurements on two and three dimensional objects.
  • No Need for Caibration Between Samples
    With the NC 45, you can quickly and easily switch between dual measurement spot sizes, 6 mm (1/4”) and 12 mm (1/2”) without the need to recalibrate.
  • Accessorise for More Flexibility
    The NC 45 standard “spoon” and “petri dish” adaptors allow you accurate and repeatable sample presentation. Customised adaptors, for unique requirements, futher increase its flexibility. Sample preparation and clean up is fast and simple.
  • Measure Samples of Varying Heights and Shapes
    The NC 45 mounting stand allows easy, accurate height adjustment of the Lovibond® NC 45. You can accurately set the measurement distance is eliminates guesswork and ensures accurate and repeatable measurement results on virtually any sample including wet gels and powders and other difficult to measure products
Applicable Standard ASTM 313
ASTM D1925
Colour Type Translucent
Interfaces USB
Spectral Range 400 - 700 nm
Illuminants Full spectrum LED
Portability Benchtop
Dimensions 152.4 x 152.4 x 146 mm
Weight 2.24 kg
Title Scale Path Length Scale Range Scale Resolution Applicable Standard Add to quotation cart
Yellowness Index n/a dependant on spectral locus 0.1 ASTM 313, ASTM D1925
CIE 94
CIE L* u* v* Colour Space
CIE L* a* b dependant on spectral locus 0.01 ASTM E308
CIELAB (L*C*h) L*, C*, dependant on spectral locus, 0 - 360° 0.01 ASTM E308
CMC Tolerancing n/a dependant on spectral locus 0.01
xyY chromaticity co-ordinates 0 - 1 (x,y), 0 - 100 (Y) 0.0001 (x,y), 0.01 (Y) ASTM E308
XYZ Tristimulus 0 - 100 0.01 ASTM E308
Delta E* colour difference n/a dependant on spectral locus 0.01
Miscommunication of Colour Data
Optical density (Absorbance)
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Datasheet 400810 - NC45 Datasheet PDF (0.20 MB)

Sturdy Carrying Case Including

  • NC 45 instrument
  • Universal power supply
  • Calibration box
  • Instruction manual