TLC 60 / TLC 120 Lighting Cabinets

Colour Matching under the Perfect Light Source


  • Render Colour More Accurately - Every Time
  • You can Select from 6 Different Light Sources to Detect Any Potential Illuminant Metameric Failure
  • Meet Major International Standards for Visual Colour Measurement including: ASTM D1729, ISO3664, DIN, ANSI and BSI
  • Choice of Two Units Depending on your Sample Size

The TLC series of Color Assessment Cabinets are suitable for all industries and applications where there is a need to maintain color consistency and quality. Since different light sources have different radiant energy, they display slightly different colours when reflected from a surface. So an operator comparing the color between the standard and the sample might be working in an alternative lighting environment to that being used by the client / recipient. To resolve this problem, it is best to always match the color under the same light source.

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