Iodine Colour (DIN 6162)

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Range: 0-500 units
Path Length: 10mm

The colour ranges from yellow to brown defined by specified dilutions of an iodine solution, ranging from 1 for the lightest colour to 500 for the darkest. Used mainly in European countries for the colour grading of solvents, plasticisers, resins, oils and fatty acids. For colours registering 1 or less on the Iodine scale, the Platinum-Cobalt/Hazen/APHA Units are applicable.

When using the Lovibond Comparator, please select the correct cell for each disc as follows: Disc 4/57, Cell W680/OG 25mm. Disc 4/58, Cell W6/80/OG 10mm. Disc 4/59 Cell W680/10mm. Disc 4/60, Cell W680/OG 2.5mm. The discs are calibrated at mg/100ml.

The procedure for manufacturing these standards is time consuming and the solutions, even when stored in a cool dark place, are not colour stable. It is for these reasons that standards of a more stable nature were in demand. Thus a series of Lovibond® colour discs were originally developed to represent this scale.

The Scale is now available in a digital format on our automatic PFX and PFXi ranges of instruments, allowing fast and direct measurement of Iodine Colour.


  • Household Products
  • Petroleum Oils and Waxes