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Chloride with Tablet

5 - 250 mg/l Cl- i) Mark as favourite

Chlorides as Cl- are present in virtually all waters. Concentrations are higher in wastewater than in raw water because Sodium Chloride from foodstuffs etc. passes through the digestive system unchanged.
The presence of Chlorides in boiler waters is undesirable as they tend to increase the water's electrical conductivity and hence its corrosion potential.


  • Cooling Water
  • Drinking Water Treatment
  • Galvanization
  • Raw Water Treatment
  • Waste Water Treatment
Parameter Count Title Parameter and Range Part Number Mark as favourite
The mobile photometer works with LEDs, interference filter and automatic storage. The measurement is performed with chloride reagent tablets.
Chloride T 0.5 - 25 mg/l Cl-
Chloride T 5 - 250 mg/l Cl- i)
Title Method No. Packaging Unit Part Number Mark as favourite
Chloride T1 M90 , M93 Tablet / 100 515910BT
Chloride T1 M90 , M93 Tablet / 250 515911BT
Chloride T2 M90 , M93 Tablet / 100 515920BT
Chloride T2 M90 , M93 Tablet / 250 515921BT
Set Chloride T1/T2 100 Pc. M90 , M93 100 each 517741BT
Set Chloride T1/T2 250 Pc. M90 , M93 250 each 517742BT
Title Online Download Type Format Language Direct Download
Instruction Manual Single Method M93 - Chloride T Instruction Manual PDF (0.65 MB)
Title SDS Country Direct Download
Chloride T1
Chloride T2