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Cyanuric Acid Test with Tablet

1 - 160 mg/l CyA Mark as favourite

Cyanuric Acid is a popular test in swimming pools when using Chlorinated Isocyanurates as disinfectants.

Concentrations need to be monitored to achieve a suitable level of disinfection. However if levels become too high the disinfection process can be reduced and Chlorine Lock can even occur, resulting in no further active disinfection in the pool.

Cyanuric Acid can be measured by a Turbidity type method, either using a MiniKit or a Photometer.


  • Pool Water Control
Title Parameter and Range Part Number Mark as favourite
Test equipment for the responsible private swimming pool and whirlpool operator
Alkalinity-m T 0 - 300 mg/l CaCO3
Bromine T 0.2 - 13 mg/l Br2
Chlorine T 0.1 - 6.0 mg/l Cl2 a)
CyA T 1 - 160 mg/l CyA
pH-value T 6.5 - 8.4
Title Method No. Packaging Unit Part Number Mark as favourite
CyA-Test M160 Tablet / 100 511370BT
CyA-Test M160 Tablet / 250 511371BT
Title Online Download Type Format Language Direct Download
Instruction Manual Single Method M160 - CyA T Instruction Manual PDF (0.64 MB)
Title SDS Country Direct Download