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Fluoride with liquid reagent

0.05 - 2 mg/l F- Mark as favourite

Fluoride is naturally present in some potable waters, to others it is added to prevent dental decay. Maintenance of the correct concentration is essential in maintaining effectiveness and safety of the fluoridation process:- too little is pointless but too much can cause staining of teeth.


  • Drinking Water Treatment
  • Raw Water Treatment
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Spadns Reagent Solution M170 , M2516 250 ml 467481
Spadns Reagent Solution M170 , M2516 500 ml 467482
Calibration Standard Fluoride M170 30 ml 205630
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Instruction Manual Single Method Fluoride L (Method No.: M170) Instruction Manual PDF (1.11 MB)
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Fluoride Standard 1 mgL 205630
SPADNS Reagent 424419