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The term Hazen is synonomous with the word colour. Quantatively it corresponds to the colour of dissolved platinum in the form of the chlorplatinate ion where 1 hazen unit is equivalent to 1 mg/litre Pt. It is widely used in defining the colour of water and chemical solvents.
Title Test Name Measuring Range Method No. Product Type Mark as favourite
Hazen 50 10 - 500 mg/l Pt
  • M203
0 - 30 mg/l Pt
  • M3053
Test Kit
10 - 90 mg/l Pt
  • M3051
Test Kit
30 - 70 mg/l Pt
  • M3054
Test Kit
50 - 500 mg/l Pt
  • M3050
Test Kit
70 - 250 mg/l Pt
  • M3052
Test Kit