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pH-value with tablet

7.6 - 9.2 Mark as favourite

The pH scale measures the degree to which a liquid is either acidic or alkaline. A pH value of 7 is considered neutral while a pH of 1 is highly acidic and a pH of 14 is highly alkaline. The measurement of pH is one of the most frequently performed water quality determinations. Many chemical processes and operations depend on the careful measurement and control of pH.


  • Boiler Water
  • Cooling Water
  • Pool Water Control
  • Pool Water Treatment
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Title Disc Parameter Reading Part Number Mark as favourite
2/1Z 7.6, 7.8, 8.0, 8.2, 8.4, 8.6, 8.8, 9.0, 9.2 221270
Title Method No. Packaging Unit Part Number Mark as favourite
M-Cresolpurple Array Tablet / 100 511710BT
M-Cresolpurple Array Tablet / 250 511711BT
Title Part Number SDS Country Direct Download
M-Cresolpurple 00511711