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TB 210 IR

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Part Number 266020


  • Range 0.01 - 1100 NTU
  • Measurement according to EN ISO 7027
  • Measurement with infrared light at an angle of 90 °
  • Measurement of coloured liquids

The TB 210 IR is a compact instrument for reliable and easy determination of turbidity. The scattered light is measured at an angle of 90 °.

The compact Lovibond® infrared turbidity meter TB 210 IR is designed to allow fast, precise on-site testing. The unit measures the scattered light at an angle of 90°, as stipulated in EN ISO 7027. The wide measuring range from 0.01-1100 TE/F = NTU = FNU makes the instrument suitable for various applications, ranging from drinking water to waste water. As infrared light is used for measurement purposes, the unit can be used to test both coloured and colourless liquids.
The standards required for calibration of the unit are also supplied. A second adjustment mode allows alternative adjustment with user-defined turbidity standards.
Light Source IR-LED (860 nm)
Optics temperaturecompensated LED ( λ = 860 nm) and photosensor amplifier in water proof sample chamber, infrared light
Operation polycarbonate membrane, splash proof
Display backlit LCD
Suitable Vials Round Cuvettes 24 mm
Internal Storage internal ring memory for 16 data sets
Power Supply 9 V-block
Auto – OFF Yes
Measuring Principle nephelometric (90° scattered light)
Measuring Range 0,01-1100 NTU (Autorange)
Clock Real Time Clock and Date
Portability Portable
Environmental Conditions 5 - 40 °C at 30 - 90 % relative humidity (non condensing)
Compliance CE
Dimensions 110 x 55 x 190 mm
Weight 400 g (Basic unit)
Weight with Packaging (Basic unit)
Title Part Number Mark as favourite
Set turbidity standards T-CAL (<0.1, 20, 200, 800 NTU) 194150
Formazin Stock Solution (4000 NTU), 125 ml 194141
Formazin Stock Solution (4000 NTU), 250 ml 194142
Sample cuvettes with black lid, Height 55 mm, ø 24 mm, set of 12 197655
Cleaning cloth 197635
Sample chamber lid 19801119
Battery 9 V 1950012
Title Online Download Type Format Language Direct Download
Datasheet 266020 - TB 210 IR Datasheet PDF (0.20 MB)
Instruction Manual TB 210 IR Instruction Manual PDF (2.04 MB)
EU-Declaration of Conformity TB 210 IR / TB 211 IR Declaration of Conformity PDF (0.21 MB)
  • Instrument in carrying case
  • 4 turbidity standards (< 0,1, 20, 200 and 800 NTU)
  • 9 V battery
  • 2 vials (ø 24 mm) with lids
  • Warranty information
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Instruction Manual