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D001 TTC/TTC Dipslides (pack of 10)

With single agar for the determination of the total count Mark as favourite

Part Number 56B010110


  • Broad variety of dipslides to fi t best for a given situation
  • Large surface area of 11.5 cm2 for high sensitivity
  • Effective contact area of 10 cm2 for easy calculation in surface testing
  • Media produced to meet ISO 11133

This dipslide with single agar for the determination of the total bacteria count is the right choice if you are looking for ease of counting. The TTC additive in the nutrient agar stains the colonies red and makes evaluation easier. The dipslide conforms to the standards HSG274 part 1 and VDI 2047.

  • Classify and assess risks reliably
    Dipslides indicate the presence of microorganisms not only in water but also on surfaces, offering a semi-quantitative method of measurement. In most applications, microbiological risks can be reliably classified and assessed so that countermeasures can be initiated immediately, especially within the framework of monitoring and control programs that comply with standards and guidelines. For example, they can be used in the context of cooling tower hygiene in accordance with VDI 2047 to comply with the 42nd BImSchV, in order to detect biological fouling at an early stage and to prevent potential plant shutdown.
  • Versatile in all important applications
    Our dipslides offer valuable assistance in monitoring microbial growth wherever the potential can exceed 100 (102) organisms in one milliliter of sample liquid. These include, in particular, industrial water, industrial fluids, food manufacturing, dental practices, breweries, environmental hygiene, leather industry, fuels, dairy industry, pool & spas and cosmetics.
  • The flexible performance
    Flexible paddles & raised agar profile allow the user to test both surfaces and liquids. A dedicated app is provided to support evaluation & documentation.
  • Durability and correct use
    Dipslides have an average shelf life of 6-9 months, depending on the manufacturing cycle. They can be used after this date as long as no contamination or visible shrinkage is shown on the agar surface. Excess water in the bottom of the slide indicates that the storage temperature is too high. The Lovibond® Incubator for dipslides is available for correct incubation at constant temperature.
    Dipslide Comparator App
Testparameter Measuring Range
Title Part Number Mark as favourite
DI 10 Dipslide Incubator 56B000701
Dipslide Comparator - App
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D001 TTC/TTC DipSlide