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Laundry Test Kit

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Part Number 56K002501


  • Tests chemical additives throughout the wash cycle
  • Portable kit for on-site testing
  • Easy to use with visual, comparative readings
  • Reduces chemical additive needs and costs


  • Boiler Water
  • Cooling Water
  • Disinfection Control
  • Drinking Water Treatment
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pool Water Control
  • Pool Water Treatment
  • Textiles
  • Waste Water Treatment

A range of test equipment is available for the commercial laundry engineer to enable quick and efficient testing of key chemical additives throughout the wash cycle.

The multi-parameter Lovibond® test kit contains a specific range of tests for the quantification of commercial laundry cleaning products. A pH meter is also included to enable fast and accurate pH measurement, irrespective of water quality.

Title Measuring Range Packaging Unit Part Number Mark as favourite
Alkalinity (P) LR Reagent Pack 250 - 6000 mg/l NaOH 1 pc. 56R004390
Alkalinity (P) HR Reagent Pack 0.25 - 6 % NaOH 1 pc. 56R004190
Chlorine Spot Tester Kit (Disposable) 1 pc. 56K005301
Chlorine (Total Available) LR+HR Reagent 0.25 - 15 % Cl2 1 pc. 56R005690
Iron Spot Tester Reagent Pack mg/l Fe 1 pc. 56R007490
Hardness Raw Water Reagent Pack 10 - 300 mg/l CaCO3 1 pc. 56R006890
Chlorine Starch Iodide Strips 1 pc. 56S000301
pH (Universal Indikator) 4 - 10 pH 1 pc. 56R008190
Oxygen (Available) Reagent Pack 0 - 500 1 pc. 56R008090
Hydrogen Peroxide Strips 0 - 100 mg/l H2O2 1 pc. 56S000850
Title Part Number Mark as favourite
Plastic shaker tube, graduated 100 ml, with lid 385130
Plastic shaker tube, graduated 30 ml, with lid 385132
Syringe, 20 ml, Plastic 56A006501
Syringe 5 ml 56A008501
Einwegspritze Kunststoff, 1 ml 56A013501
Stirring rod and spoon 56A006601
KS6-pH 4 Buffer Solution 56L000665
KS9-pH 7 Buffer Solution 56L000965
KS3-pH 10 Buffer Solution 56L000365
Title Online Download Type Format Language Direct Download
Datasheet 56K002501 - Laundry Test Kit Datasheet PDF (0.20 MB)
Instruction Manual Instruction Manual PDF (0.46 MB)
  • SD 50 pH-Meter
  • pH-saurer Farbkartentest
  • Alkalinität Gesamt (Waschen)
  • Alkalinität frei (Spülen)
  • Chlorbleiche-Tropftest
  • Chlorbleiche (Konzentrat)
  • Cloring Spot Test (Gewebe)
  • Härte Tropftest
  • Wasserstoffperoxid-Teststreifen
  • Eisenpunkttest (Stoff)
  • Sauerstoff (verfügbar) Tropftest
  • Stärke / Jod-Teststreifen (für Chlor-Test)
Title Part Number SDS Country Direct Download
Chlorine HR (KI) _ KT26 - CL2A 00513001
KP146 - TN1 - CL1P - TO3 - CD4 - Sulphamic Acid _ Dissolved Oxygen 3 56Z014698
KP148 - CL2B - Iodine Indicator 56Z014898
KP340 - TO2 - TO Ind - Starch_Iodide 56Z034098
KP384 - Oxygen Test Reagent 56Z038498
KS132 - ALK3 - Alkalinity HR Titrant 56Z013298
KS133 - ALK4 - Alkalinity LR Titrant 56Z013398
KS135 - PA1_ALK1-Phenolphthalein Sub-Alk P 56Z013598
KS149 - CL4 - Chlorine LR Titrant 56Z014998
KS150 - CL5 - Chlorine HR Titrant 56Z015098
KS166 - Raw Water Hardness Reagent 56Z016698
KS202 - Acid Reagent _ Hydrochloric Acidifier 1_0N 56Z020298
KS381 - Sulphuric Acidifier 56Z038198
KS383 - Ammonium Thiocyanate Solution_Iron Spot Tester 10pc 56Z038398
Universal Indicator 45177