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Oxidising Biocide Drop Test Kit

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Part Number 56K003301


  • Determination of cleaning or treatment chemicals
  • Process machinery and surface sanitisation
  • Easy-to-use kits for on-site testing
  • Obtain results in just seconds

For measuring a wide range of oxidising biocides, including available chlorine, iodine, peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide. This kit can be used to ensure correct application of terminal disinfectants used extensively throughout the food and beverage industry.


  • Cooling Water
  • Disinfection Control

Dairy producers, food processors and commercial sanitizers all require test equipment for the determination of cleaning or treatment chemicals. Whether it is for the on-going operation of process machinery or for surface sanitisation, the Lovibond® range of test kits provide a quick and easy way to obtain accurate product concentration in seconds.

Individual test kits are available based on simple titration chemistries. Step-by-step instructions guide the user to the final result. Many speciality chemical manufacturers use this range as the basis of a full testing program for their products. Kits are passed through to customers for continued on-site testing/record keeping and compliance.

Title Measuring Range Packaging Unit Part Number Mark as favourite
Oxidising Biocide Reagent Pack 0 - 6 % Cl2 1 pc. 56R003396
Title Part Number Mark as favourite
Stirring rod and spoon 56A006601
Syringe, 20 ml, Plastic 56A006501
2 ml Syringe 56A008401
Container hinged 100 ml 56A022901
Title Online Download Type Format Language Direct Download
Datasheet 56K003301 - Oxidising Biocide Drop Test Kit Datasheet PDF (0.20 MB)
Instruction Manual Instruction Manual PDF (0.36 MB)
  • Titration Jar
  • Syringe
  • Reagents for 300+ tests
Title Part Number SDS Country Direct Download
Chlorine HR (KI) _ KT26 - CL2A 00513001
KP146 - TN1 - CL1P - TO3 - CD4 - Sulphamic Acid _ Dissolved Oxygen 3 56Z014698
KP148 - CL2B - Iodine Indicator 56Z014898
KS150 - CL5 - Chlorine HR Titrant 56Z015098
KS199 - TN2_HP2_FR2_HFE2_Tannin_Peroxide HR Titrant 56Z019998
KS413 - C4 - Chlorine Titrant 56Z041398
KS415 - HP1 - Hydrogen Peroxide Buffer 56Z041598
KS425 - CL3 - Chlorine LR Titrant 56Z042598