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Deluxe Softener Demo Kit

For the standard situation in water testing Mark as favourite

Part Number 56K021701


  • Compares physical and chemical attributes
  • Compares softened water to raw water
  • Shows water softening process

Designed for demonstration purposes, these text kits contain a range of tests to show the physical and chemical attributes of softened water compared to raw mains water. A mini-softener unit is included to show the water softening process.

Title Online Download Type Format Language Direct Download
Datasheet 56K021701 - Deluxe Softener Demo Kit Datasheet PDF (0.20 MB)
  • Equipment for tests (flasks, tubes etc.)
  • Hardness level (as calcium carbonate)
  • Calcium precipitation test
  • Soap test
  • Additional Tests for (Chlorine, Nitrite, Nitrate, Total Hardness)