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Sodium hypochlorite

Sodium Hypochlorite
Sodium Hypochlorite is a popular Chlorine donor used in the disinfection of process waters, water distribution systems and swimming pools. It is an unstable liquid which loses its available Chlorine content steadily over a period of weeks so it is important to be able to monitor not only the quality of the incoming material but the rate of decay of the stored product.
Title Test Name Measuring Range Method No. Product Type Add to quotation cart
Sodium hypochlorite T 2 - 18 % NaOCl
  • M2527
Checkit Comparator
Sodium hypochlorite T 2 - 16 % NaOCl
  • M3067
Comparator 2000
Hypochlorite T 0.2 - 16 % NaOCl
  • M212
Hypochlorite T 0.2 - 17 % NaOCl
  • M212