XD Spectrophotometers

Simplify your Work - Save Time and Money!

The XD series instruments are ideal for routine and spectral analysis. As true all-rounders, the XD 7000 and XD 7500 facilitate work routines, especially with automatic method recognition using barcodes, automatic cell recognition and more than 150 pre-programmed methods. In addition to analytical quality control, they also support Good Labor Practice (GLP). The instruments are available together with bar-coded test tubes and a wide range of accessories from a single source - which is also easy on your wallet. High-quality reference beam optics, usability, easy handling and multilingual global applicability round off the versatility of the VIS and UV/VIS spectrophotometers, which are also equipped for flexible on-site use.

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Simplify your Work - Save Time and Money!
158 Parameters 71307000
Simplify your Work - Save Time and Money!
158 Parameters 71307500
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Firmware XD Series Firmware ZIP (1.53 MB)
EU-Declaration of Conformity XD 7000 / XD 7500 Declaration of Conformity PDF (0.19 MB)
Stop wasting time! Automatic start with barcodes
You don't want to fiddle about and get straight to the point, especially with routine procedures? With our barcode system, the XD spectrophotometer automatically starts the right test method. Learn all about automatic test and cuvette recognition and barcoded reagents.
Behind the Scenes
How spectrophotometry works and what VIS and UV/VIS mean.
Standard work with weight: All Lovibond methods
No matter if printed or as PDF: The Lovibond® Handbook of Methods for photometry contains the concentrated method knowledge, including barcodes and precise method descriptions together with reagents. Ideal for all those who want to make their work easier.
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