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PTV 1000 - ISO

Next Generation of On-line Turbidity Measurement


  • Smart Interface - Rethink the Controller
  • Simplified and Streamlined Processes
  • Innovative, Low Maintenance Design
  • Unsurpassed Accuracy for low-level effluent measurement

Turbidity is the key measurement parameter for determining drinking water quality.  

To develop this instrument, Lovibond® Tintometer® assembled a team of globally recognized turbidity experts.  We tasked them with creating a new process instrument that addresses all of the issues customers struggle with while using their current turbidity systems. These advancements, along with the addition of state-of-the-art communications and user interface make the PTV 1000 and PTV 2000 the next generation of process turbidimeters.

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Title Parameter and Range Part Number Mark as favourite
PTV 1000 with flow indicator Turbidity 0.0001 - 100 NTU 6124683
PTV 1000 with flow indicator and Bluetooth Turbidity 0.0001 - 100 NTU 6124684
PTV 1000 with flow indicator and Modbus Turbidity 0.0001 - 100 NTU 6124693
PTV 1000 with flow indicator, Modbus and Bluetooth Turbidity 0.0001 - 100 NTU 6124694
PTV 1000 basic unit Turbidity 0.0001 - 100 NTU 6125683
PTV 1000 with Bluetooth Turbidity 0.0001 - 100 NTU 6125684
PTV 1000 with Modbus Turbidity 0.0001 - 100 NTU 6125693
Title Online Download Type Format Language Direct Download
Instruction Manual Process Turbidimeter Instruction Manual PDF (7.96 MB)
Instruction Manual Power & Communications Module Instruction Manual PDF (2.46 MB)
EU-Declaration of Conformity PTV series without Bluetooth Declaration of Conformity PDF (0.19 MB)