Barcoded cuvette tests

Stop wasting time! Start automatically with barcodes

The XD 7000 or XD 7500 have been designed to make the analysis of water samples easy. This is made possible by barcodes on the cell tests, on the reagent packages and in the Lovbond® method manual. With the simple barcodes, the instrument starts each method automatically. In addition, the XD series has automatic cell recognition.

Simply place the cuvette test in the measuring chamber: The appropriate test method starts automatically. With the external scanner, the barcodes can also be read directly from the reagent packaging or from the handbook of methods. The instrument starts the correct method immediately. This means that scrolling and searching, entering and selecting methods are unnecessary. You save time and money.

All advantages of barcodes at a glance:

  • Direct selection of the correct method
  • Reduction of the error potential
  • Increased operating comfort
  • External barcode reader also for reading in other tube tests
  • Several calibration curves can be edited per test
  • Availability of more than 150 preprogrammed methods
  • Possibility of entering user-defined methods

The automatic cuvette recognition is integrated in the measuring chamber and recognizes:

  • Round cuvettes with a diameter of 13, 16 and 24 mm
  • Rectangular cells with a diameter of 10, 20 and 50 mm including
  • Automatic adjustment of the wavelength range for rectangular cells
  • Increased number of measuring ranges
  • Reduced operating errors