Corona General Information

Company 20.03.2020

The corona virus is gaining pace worldwide as a pandemic and affects more and more people. We are monitoring the development just as closely as you are and must adapt to the current situation. After all, people's health and lives have been our top priority for more than 130 years at Tintometer GmbH: Our test equipment and reagents are manufactured and used even for this purpose, especially in crisis regions.

In this difficult and uncertain situation, we as a company, remain fully operational. Our production continues to be adapted to the measures taken by the government and recommendations of the responsible health organisations. Our products are "Made in Germany" and are almost entirely manufactured at our headquarters in Dortmund in-house. At present we do not expect any noticeable restrictions in all important areas such as production, purchasing, sales, shipping and support. We will keep you up to date on all current developments.

Safety and health are our top priority. Therefore we have implemented appropriate measures in many areas to continue to protect our employees, dealers and customers and to ward off COVID-19:

  • Our sales and field service employees work predominantly in the home office and are thus available for you and your concerns without restrictions
  • We are in constant contact with our teams, suppliers and dealers at our worldwide locations. Telephones and online meetings replace personal contact
  • At all locations, the hygiene and occupational safety measures recommended by the WHO, the respective governments and health and safety arrangements are implemented and even more stringent.
  • As a chemical company, we are able to produce a certain amount of disinfectants ourselves, thus bridging the current bottlenecks by producing our own hand disinfectants for our employees

Cohesion and common commitment is important in these times!

We hope that you and we all come through the pandemic and crisis situation well and in good health. The Tintometer team is pulling together to achieve this!