Lovibond now speaks 10 languages fluently online

Company 12.03.2020

With method descriptions, every word counts. If they are only available in a foreign language, it is not only little fun, but also carries great danger of serious misunderstandings. This is why Lovibond® is now available in 10 languages and no misunderstandings can arise in the first place.

Manuals, chemical compositions, technical explanations: In water analysis and colour measurement in particular, professional and specialised equipment and chemicals have their own special vocabulary. Every user feels more secure in his own native language. At Lovibond®, no one has to work their way through pages and words with a dictionary. Our products can now be understood and used by most people worldwide in their own mother tongue.

The Lovibond® website has long been available in the world's major languages. Now, with Russian and Dutch, two more new languages have been added, spoken by millions of people around the globe. Anyone looking for the Photometer MD 100 in Moscow will get Фотометр MD 100 now. In Amsterdam, the spectrophotometer XD 7000 is now available as Spectrofotometer XD 7000. And the corresponding product information is also available as pdf on the fly in the new languages. This means that www.lovibond.com is now online in 10 languages. For now.

Just try it out in your mother tongue and visit the pages you are interested in.