"Green Chemistry" wins coveted "Golden Wave" innovation award

Water 06.11.2019

We have every reason to celebrate, because Lovibond® is excellent in the truest sense of the word. At the "Aquanale" trade fair, our "Green Chemistry" was awarded the renowned "Golden Wave" innovation prize by the specialist publisher "Schwimmbad + Sauna".

This also honours the courage to break new ground. Regardless of whether chlorine is determined with DPD tablets, phenol red is used or Alka-M tablets unfold their full analytical effect in the Lovibond® photometers: All tablets do not contain boric acid and ortho-Tolidine. Both substances are hazardous to health and harm the environment. 

Lovibond® has invested a lot in this. And we have our own research department, in which around 10 percent of our employees find new ways and formulations - more specialists than is customary in the industry. The effort has paid off. The Green Chemistry products from Lovibond® guarantee just as reliable results as the traditional products, are just as durable and can be dosed just as precisely - including buffer capacity in accordance with the prescribed standards.

The green "Green Chemistry" logo also travels around the globe and is marketed in nearly 160 countries. These include regions that have so far had little or no awareness of environmental and health aspects. This also triggers a rethink here.

By the way, Lovibond® has now received the coveted Golden Wave trophy for the third time. "We are proud of this new award", emphasises Martin Woelk as sales manager for the pool area at Lovibond®. "It rewards our efforts and shows that it's worth breaking new ground".

Do you have any further questions about our "Green Chemistry"?

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