Keep bacteria and germs under control with dipslides

Water 25.06.2020

Nobody wants bacterial in their commercial kitchens, industrial plants, swimming pools, sanitary facilities, in food production, on ships or in air conditioning systems.

Undetected bacterial contamination and lack of hygiene in all these areas can have dramatic economic or health consequences. Microbial contamination can also cause damage to materials. Regular checks are therefore important to prevent possible health hazards and protect sensitive equipment. Dipslides are also be used as part of monitoring and control programmes to combat Legionella. Lovibond® offers the ideal microbiological assistants for this with a wide range of dipslides - for almost every situation and every application. 

Whether you are concerned with total bacteria, E. coli bacteria, Pseudomonas, Enterobacteriaceae or yeast and moulds, whether for risk assessments or for HACCP hygiene audits: Dipslides are ideal. Simply press the flexible paddle onto the surface to be checked or dip the complete dipslide into a water sample. The bacteria multiply on the culture medium and leave clear traces in with the indicator dyes that can be assessed visually. Our practical app for Android and Apple devices supports you in your evaluation. 

The advantages of Lovibond® dipslides

  • Large selection of dipslides for every situation
  • Large surfaces of 11.5 cm2 for high sensitivity
  • Effective contact area of 10 cm² for easy calculation during surface testing
  • Media produced in accordance with ISO 11133
  • Monitoring microbial growth with a potential of more than 100 (102) organisms in one millilitre of sample liquid

All dipslides at one glance:

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