New Batch Codes

Small change, big advantage for you

Water 23.03.2021

As of March 2021, our reagents will feature an extended batch code. The new 8-digit batch code number will make it possible to identify the shelf life of the respective batch directly on site.

Previously, our products featured a 4-digit batch code. Using this code, our customer support team could determine control data from the production release (e.g. in the form of a Certificate of Analysis) and the lot-specific expiry date for you.

However, this system had its weaknesses, especially when it came to determining expiry dates for packaging that was no longer available: Only with knowledge of the lot number could the customer obtain the shelf-life information by contacting our customer support.

The new format:

The new batch code can still be found in the same location on the product. For example: The tablet blister and the flap of the tablet packaging and the product label (for other products).

You can still retrieve the respective Certificates of Analysis as usual via our website with the new batch codes. ( Existing 4-digit batch codes will still be supported in this manner.