PTV Insights

Flow body and bubble trap

  • Can be installed on the installation panel or directly on the wall.
  • The shape of the flow body prevents particle sedimentation in the instrument.
  • The flow pattern reduces the formation of deposits or biofilms and reduces the risk of biofouling.
  • Bubbles and temperature instabilities are reduced.
  • Reduced sample volume through appropriate design of the flow body with simultaneous fast reaction time to a turbidity event.
  • Atmospheric measurement: Measurement without pressurisation and false peaks in turbidity values due to sudden changes in flow or pressure .
  • Patented "V" design of the flow body made of shock-resistant, light-absorbing material: prevents unwanted light from entering the scattered light detector, minimises surfaces on which particles can settle and facilitates cleaning.
  • Integrated flow monitoring system: Confirms the sample flow when leaving the flow body and gives a flow warning in case of malfunction.
  • Bubble trap: bubbles are physically removed before they enter the measuring chamber.
  • The material of the body is slightly "wetted" so that the bubbles do not stick.

Smart Interface

  • With the innovative instrument app AquaLXP (iOS & Android) it is also possible to control several PTV instruments simultaneously. Statistical calculations and diaries e.g. for calibration and maintenance procedures can be carried out.
  • Animated instructions for all processes including information function.
  • Access to all data stored on the sensor at any time.
  • Easy retrieval of important data as table or graphic for a selected time window.
  • Adding notes to all data.
  • Quick calculation of important measured values for a certain time frame.
  • Setting up different users with individual roles.
  • Bluetooth® or direct connection to the device via USB.

Touchscreen Display

The user can perform all necessary functions using the touch screen: 

  • Set alarms
  • Calibration
  • Verification
  • Backlight: easily readable even from a distance
  • All important test information is always displayed
  • Clear user guidance: Simple navigation & dashboards with icons
  • Simple device setting with 8 categories
  • Easy to integrate manuals & instructions and process standardisation
  • Data can be easily exported, analysed and interpreted or stored directly in the measuring module
  • Control of cleaning and maintenance
  • No extra devices required: the touch screen is built directly into the sensor
  • Colouring of the icons indicates status
  • High pressure sensitivity: users can wear gloves during operation

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