PTV Solutions

Up to now, it is still not easy to detect the invisible turbidity particles in water with on-line process turbidimeters. The instruments are often complicated, the control mechanisms complex. Technical obstacles, enormous expenditure of time, work and water: users report countless difficulties. Lovibond® has put together a team of international experts who have developed PTV, a device that puts an end to these problems with:

  • Simple construction and installation
  • No additional equipment and low maintenance
  • Easy calibration and verification
  • Different users with individual roles
  • Data management, cleaning and maintenance with intuitive touch screen
  • Smart control even of several devices via the Aqua LXP App
  • Economical T-CALplus® standards for verification and calibration without bubbles and safe handling
  • Unrivalled low flow rates of 30 to 150 ml/min (70% less than other devices)
  • immersed detector and heated optics prevent disturbing condensation on the optics
  • Stable, drift-free and durable LED light sources
  • Design of the measuring body and flow pattern prevent deposits
  • Integrated bubble trap for trouble-free measurement

The PTV devices are specialised for the low measuring range:

  • The primary measuring range in drinking water is 0.010 to 10 NTU
  • The specified test range is 0.010 to 100 NTU

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