Calibration and verification without bubbles: This is exactly what the T-CALplus® primary standards make possible. These are stabilised and therefore long-lasting formazine solutions.

The advantages of T-CALplus® solutions:

  • The bag prevents external influences on the solution.
  • Easy to mix: Press the bag for about 30 seconds.
  • Quick application: Calibration takes less than 1 minute.
  • Simply hang the bag and the standard runs into the device.
  • Quick connection to the device via a connector on the bag.
  • Fixed FNU/NTU values require no preparation or dilution.
  • Safety: The bag prevents the user from coming into contact with the solution.
  • Easier cleaning: Easily empties back into the bag after calibration/verification is complete.
  • Due to the device design, less standard is required (~ 300 ml),
  • US EPA and ISO compliant

Look to the video how to use the T-CAlplus® calibration standards

T-CALplus® Calibration Standards

Part Number

0.30 NTU, 350 ml in bag


1.00 NTU, 350 ml in bag


5.00 NTU, 350 ml in bag


20.00 NTU, 350 ml in bag


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