Service Plan

You need to make sure that your instrument works properly and provides reliable results. You want to avoid costly breakdowns. Then the Lovibond® Service Plan is the right option for you. Get the full service package for your photometer with a comprehensive annual service that includes inspection, repair and calibration.

3 Year Service Plan: Our service - your plan
You want to be sure that your measuring instruments for water analysis have the longest possible service life and continuously deliver reliable measurement results. Lovibond® offers you the optimal and cost-effective solution for every photometer with the 3-year service plan. This offer is only valid within Europe.
Inspection: We take a close look at your instrument
The inspection is part of the service plan and includes an annual inspection service for your appliance(s) and ensures that all functions are working properly. We look for faults and fix them for you.
Calibration: We get your instrument back on track
Calibration is especially important for compliance. We check whether your device complies with the defined specifications and regulations. Read what exactly calibration involves and why the documentation is important for you.
Repairs: We keep your processes and workflows up and running
We know that perfectly functioning test equipment is important for your processes and operations. That's why we do everything we can to get your equipment up and running again as quickly as possible. We have the expert, the tools and the spare parts to ensure that you can work without loss of time and other disruptions.
Advanced support: train yourself with our video tutorials
Lovibond® offers much more to help you with maintenance. We have created video tutorials for our products and introduce you to each device. Learn how to measure, troubleshoot or set up equipment.
We are here for you - just contact us
Our instruments is your investment: We know that you need to be able to rely on it working perfectly. Contact us and we will find the right contact person for you.