Service and Technical Customer Support Manager (M/F) China - Location Shanghai

Do you want to earn a good living and develop your marketing skills in a fast-growing organization?

  • Location: Shanghai
  • Hiring Date: 1st January 2020
  • Hired by: Tintometer GmbH Germany / FESCO Shanghai

Tintometer GmbH manufactures Lovibond® products, which are analytical devices and chemical reagent tests for the testing of water (罗威邦® 水测试) and the measurement of colour (罗维朋® 颜色测量).

Job responsibilities

  • Your overall responsibility will be to ensure that all products in China with the Lovibond® logo on it work well and to the total satisfaction of our customers.
  • Provision of customer training and support – we have been selling PTV online turbidimeters in China since 2018. Our main customers have been drinking water works, and most of our sales so far were made in Eastern China. Your role would be to keep customers generally satisfied with our product, providing training and support before initial installation, as well as ongoing support post-sale. You will have to travel as part of your job.     
  • Our service point in Shanghai – the majority of Lovibond® instruments are battery-powered “lab and field” instruments or smaller-sized laboratory instruments. They will have to be serviced in and from our service point/repair shop in Shanghai (with shipping via our Lovibond® Logistics center, Shanghai).
  • Local engineering – Depending on the particular application requirements of a given customer, it may be that we do not have any test kits which are able to meet all their requirements as standard. In this case, you will have to configure individual test kits, adapt products and source any missing items locally, adding them to the kit to be shipped, in order to satisfy the customer in question. Location: Lovibond® Logistics center Shanghai.
  • Quality assurance – In some rare cases a quality test might be required before shipment and/or quality certificates might be requested by our Chinese customers. You will have to provide these where necessary.  

Qualification requirements & Skills

  • Self-motivation, flexibility and ability to work under a minimum of supervision is key. If you display these qualities, we will make sure to integrate you into our small but dedicated Tintometer team as a valued member.
  • Technical background: engineering (electrical, IT or mechanical) and/or related experience is mandatory. Knowledge of chemistry and/or environmental instrumentation is an added value.
  • Communication skills: the job requires frequent communication with colleagues in Germany, the United Kingdom or the USA, so basic knowledge of English is mandatory.  

Interested? Please contact: Chris, / +852 66907569