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Module de transmission des données infrarouge IRiM

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Numéro d'ordre 214050

The IRiM (infrared interface module) uses modern infrared technology to transmit measurement data from a photometer to one of 3 optional interfaces. These interfaces can be used to connect to a PC, a USB printer1) or alternatively a serial printer2).

The unit is supplied complete with data logging software providing easy and rapid transfer of data to the PC. As an option, the data can be saved as an Excel sheet or a .txt file. Measurement data can quickly be printed out, using a specified1) USB or alternatively a printer with a serial plug-in connected to the IRiM. Applicable for the following operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7/10.

1) USB printer: HP Deskjet 6940 ; 2) each ASCII printer
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Conformité CE
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Mode d‘emploi IRiM Instruction Manual PDF (3.90 MB)
Mode d‘emploi Device Firmware Update DFU (IRiM) Instruction Manual PDF (6.12 MB)
EU-Declaration of Conformity IRiM Declaration of Conformity PDF (0.21 MB)