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TG 60 Gloss Meter

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Numéro d'ordre 403050


  • Handheld Semi-Gloss Meter Designed to Give Fast, Precise and Accurate Gloss Readings
  • Large 3.5 Inch Touch Screen with High Resolution and Full View Display
  • Compare Data Quick and Easy with a Data Storage Capacity of 1000 Data Sets
  • OnGloss Software Included for FREE – Perfect for Detailed Data Analysis
The TG 60 is an entry-level handheld semi-gloss meter with a high end specification. The ergonomic design, flexibility and intuitive touch screen technology makes the TG 60 equal in sophistication to any handheld semi-gloss meter on the market. Using the standard reference angle of 60° the TG 60 is the ideal choice for general gloss measurements.


  • Matières plastiques
  • Produits ménagers
  • Revêtements
  • Textiles
  • Handheld and Portable
    Weighing only 350 grams, the TG 60 is the perfect lightweight portable semi-gloss meter. Its compact and ergonomic design offers easy one-handed operation, helping to prevent operator fatigue. Offering the possibility of 1,000 measurements with 8 hours battery life enables the TG 60 to be used anywhere on site for a prolonged period of time.
  • Calibration
    Every TG 60 is supplied with a calibration plate and easy to use on screen calibration guide making the whole procedure fast and simple for the user.
  • FREE Software
    As standard, the TG 60 comes with a FREE PC software package. The OnGloss software allows for a detailed data analysis which can then be shared or printed via the optional micro printer accessory.
  • Suitable for Multiple Standards
    The TG 60 is able to support the following standard gloss levels: ASTM D523; ASTM C584; ASTM D2457; BS3900 D5; DIN 67530; DIN EN ISO 2813; EN ISO 7668 and JIS Z 8741.
Type de Couleur Opaque
Display TFT 3.5 inch, capacitive touch screen
Interfaces USB
RS 232
Plages de mesure 0 - 10 unités de brillance, reproductibilité ± 0,1 unité de brillance, reproductibilité ± 0,2 unité de brillance
10 - 100 unités de brillance, reproductibilité ± 0,2 unité de brillance, reproductibilité ± 0,5 unité de brillance
100 - 300 unités de brillance, reproductibilité ± 0,2% unités de brillance, reproductibilité ± 0,5% unités de brillance
Stockage interne Basic Mode: 1000
Measuring Angle 60°
Zone de Mesure 9 x 15
Gamme de mesure 0 - 300 GU
Alimentation 3200 mAh Li-ion Battery
Division Value 0.1 GU
Durée de vie batterie > 1000 times (within 8 hours)
Heure de la mesure 0.5 s
Portabilité Portable
Langues interface d’utilisateur Anglais
Dimensions 160 x 90 x 75 mm
Poids 350 g
Titre Online Download Type Format La langue Téléchargement direct
Fiche technique 403050 - TG 60 Gloss Meter Fiche technique PDF (0.20 MB)
Mode d‘emploi TG 268 / TG 60 Instruction Manual PDF (3.65 MB)
  • TG 60 Handheld Semi-Gloss Meter
  • OnGloss Software (PC)
  • Calibration Plate
  • USB Cable
  • External DC Power Supply
  • USB Stick with User Manuals in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese
  • Sturdy Carrying Case