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TRA (Adaptor) Series

Measure Liquids, Gels and Powders with the TRA (Adaptor) Series


  • Not Everything is Flat, Not Everything is Solid
  • Awkward Objects Can Be Difficult to Measure
  • The TRA (Accessory) is a Precision Engineered Portable Docking Station for the TR Range of Handheld, Sphere, Versatile Spectrophotometers
  • Provides a Light Controlled Environment for the Measurement of Liquids, Gels and Powders

The TRA series have been designed according to precision engineering as the ideal adaptor for the Lovibond® range of spectrophotometers. The robust shape makes them ideal for use in any laboratory. The angled viewing panel makes measurements easy-to-read. The integral lid blocks any ambient light since no external light interferes with the measurements. 

Titre Code Marquez comme favoris
TRA 520 Spectrophotometer 403225
TRA 500 Spectrophotometer 403220
Titre Online Download Type Format La langue Téléchargement direct
TRA 520 / TRA 500 Leaflets PDF (1.18 MB)
Mode d‘emploi TR 520 / TR 500 Instruction Manual PDF (1.49 MB)