AOCS-Tintometer Colour

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(AOCS Cc 13b-45 the Wesson Method, AOCS Cc 8d-55, AOCS Cc 13j-97)

Range: 0.1 - 20 Red (steps of 0.1); 1.0 - 70 Yellow (steps of 1.0) Path Length: 1", 5¼" [Upgrade includes 5¼"]

Colour scale used as a standard by the USA oil and fats refineries, rendering plants and companies trading or associated with the American edible oils and fats industry.

It is a modified red and yellow version of the Lovibond® RYBN Colour scale used for fats, oils and derivatives.

The AOCS-Tintometer® Colour Scale is a special red and yellow version of the Lovibond RYBN scale using the AOCS-Tintometer Red Scale.

The Resolution of the Red is 0.1 units from 0-20 (in steps of 0.1). The Resolution of the Yellow is 1.0 units from 1-70 (in steps of 1).

Please note: It uses the AOCS-Tintometer® Red scale, which is not the same as the Lovibond® standard Red scale.


  • Edible Oils and Fats
  • Food and Beverage
  • Household Products