The Euromarker range of colour standards is for the purpose of determining the presence of the untaxed and marked diesel fuel being used illegally in normal road-using motor vehicles. Standards are also available to establish that the correct amount of marker is added to the fuel before distribution to the fuel outlets.

The Roadside version of this test is supplied as a kit with all the necessary glassware and accessories for on the spot analysis. Other colour standards (discs) are available for use in the laboratory for checking that the correct amount of marker is added before distribution. See below.

Warehouse Test Disc. 247020 4/72 (0-125%) European Marker in Kerosine, Disc 247010 4/71 (0-150%).

Both tests require the shaking tube 352620 AF262 and the Lovibond® 2000 Comparator 142000. It is recommended that the Comparator daylight 2000 171010 be used to ensure a constant light source of the correct colour temperature.


  • Petroleum Oils and Waxes
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Euromarker in Clean Diesel, Roadside Test Petroleum Oils and Waxes 422030