Copper VLR PP

Copper and its salts are widely used in industry and there are strict controls on permitted levels of discharge in trade effluents. Test kit AF364 is designed for this application with a variable range of copper concentrations being covered. drinking water often contains dissolved Copper due to leaching from copper piping. Test kit AF266 is designed to monitor very low levels of Free Copper (Copper II) in potable water. In addition, Copper in the form of its soluble salts is toxic to many forms of aquatic life. It is essential that any supply water for aquaria be checked for Copper content. Copper based algicides are widely used and these are based on complexed Copper formulation. Tests for Total Copper are required to measure the true concentration of the element. A guide level of 3 mg/L has been advised by the EC drinking water directive.


  • Waste Water Treatment
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MD 600 Copper VLR PP 2 - 210 µg/L Cu 214020
Spectrophotometer XD 7000 (VIS) Copper VLR PP 2 - 210 µg/L Cu 71307000
Spectrophotometer XD 7500 (UV-VIS) Copper VLR PP 2 - 210 µg/L Cu 71307500
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VARIO Copper, Set F10 M152 Copper VLR PP 2 - 210 µg/L Cu 1 Set 535140
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Instruction Manual Single Method M152 - Copper VLR PP Instruction Manual PDF (3.54 MB)
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CU 1 Porphyrin F10 / F25
CU 2 Porphyrin F10 / F25
CU 3 Masking F10 / F25