10 - 400 ppb

PTSA (1,3,6,8 pyrenetetrasulfonic acid, sodium salt) and fluorescein are fluorescent materials that are increasingly being added to speciality water
treatment products to enable real time product dose analysis.


  • Cooling Water
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MD 640 Fluorescein 10 - 400 ppb 214140
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Fluoresceine calibration set (0, 75, 400 ppb) M510 Fluorescein 10 - 400 ppb 1 pc. 461240
Fluoresceine standard addition solution, 400 ppb M510
Fluorescein 10 - 400 ppb 1 pc. 461230
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Instruction Manual Single Method M510 - Fluorescein Instruction Manual PDF (1.04 MB)
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Fluorescein Verification Sol_75ppb _Standard Addition Sol_400ppb_Standard Sol_0ppb