EX 160

Laboratory cabinets with a spark-free interior

  • Spark-free according to BG-I 850-0
  • Dynamic cooling system
  • 1°C to 15 °C, continously adjustable
  • Digital temperature display
Explosion protection, energy efficiency and practical equipment are just three of the different features of laboratory refrigerators. The refrigerators are lockable and can be infinitely adjusted in the temperature range from 1-15 °C. The refrigerators are equipped with a lockable door.


Part Number 2422105


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Product information

  • Norm-compliant
    Our laboratory cabinets comply with the laboratory guideline DGUV Information 213-850 of BG RCI ("Safe working in laboratories") and are therefore explosion-proof.
  • Infinitely variable temperature control
    No matter what temperature you need - our laboratory cabinets can all be continously controlled from 1-15 °C. A room thermostat and a powerful fan in the interior ensure even temperature distribution. Thanks to the digital display, you can also keep an eye on the current temperature at all times.
  • Stable
    Our laboratory cabinets are made of a sturdy sheet steel housing. An additional powder coating makes the cabinet impact and shock resistant. The interior is made of high-strength white plastic and is therefore particularly hard-wearing.
  • Energy efficient
    Reinforced insulation and the use of efficient components make it possible: Lovibond® laboratory cabinets are characterised by outstanding energy efficiency. The EX 300 and EX 490 models have a "fan stop" function: If you open the door, the fan is switched off.
  • Freely selectable door stop
    The door is supplied with a right-hand hinge as standard, but it can easily be converted to a left-hand hinge on request. The door is also lockable.
Operation Mechanic control system with rotary controller
Power Supply 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz
Net Capacity 160 L
Consumption approx. 0.898 kWh / 24 h
Sound Power Level 47 dB
Climate Class SN, 10 °C a 32 °C
Coolant R600a
Cooling/Heating Dynamic
Defrost Automatic defrost - condensation drains into a collection bowl within the refrigerator
Temperature Range Stepless, 1°C - 15 °C
Maximum Temperature Fluctuation 7.4 °C
Temperature Gradient 10.2 °C
Shelf Loading Capacity 40 kg
Further Equipment Standard Door
Compliance CE
Dimensions 23.62 x 33.86 x 23.62"
Dimensions Internal 513 x 702 x 441 mm
Weight with Packaging 41 kg
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Safety- and collecting tub (PP) for EX 160 422155
Glass shelves for EX 160 422165
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