D002 TTC/MALT Dipslides (pack of 10)

Detect Bacteria, Molds, Yeasts & Fungi 

  • Dual sided dipslide with agars for measuring different species  
  • Paddle design facilitates air sampling & surface testing  
  • Effective contact area of 10 cm² for easy calculation of results 
  • Do-It-Yourself microbiological field test – no special training required  
The TTC/MALT dipslide is for the detection of aerobic bacteria as well as yeast, molds and fungi, with nutrient agar on one side and malt extract agar on the other side of the paddle.  Ideal for industrial waters, food production and other systems with complex water matrices for general hygiene and microbial control trend analysis. 


Part Number 56B010210


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Product information

On the TTC side of the paddle, colonies appear as red spots when aerobic bacteria is present, which makes them easy to identify.  On the malt extract agar of the paddle, yeasts molds and fungi will appear as white, black, green or beige spots. 

This dipslide is well suited to environments with high probabilities of airborne yeast or mold spores that may contaminate finished products or compromise the integrity of the system.  

Routine monitoring enables early detection of bacteria and other microorganisms proliferating to avoid major issues within the facility or system. These do-it-yourself tests can be used in the field and deliver semi-quantitative results quickly – with no special training or need to send samples to a laboratory.  

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D002 TTC/MALT DipSlide