PTV 2000 with flow indicator and Modbus

Process Turbidity Simplified

  • Optimized for municipal drinking water monitoring 
  • Low maintenance design saves operator's time
  • EPA & ISO options for regulatory compliance
  • Low volume flow body detects changes in turbidity fast

Details Matter. The development of the PTV Series considered every aspect of process turbidity workflow - from installation and setup; daily measurement and control; routine procedures such as calibration, verification and maintenance; to data collection and management. 

The PTV Series is optimized for monitoring filter effluent in a regulatory environment.  By focusing on helping operators manage routine workflows, the instruments deliver an easy to use system with unsurpassed accuracy when monitoring low levels of turbidity.  

Every instrument has an integrated touchscreen display, which makes it easy to see current turbidity values and to assess the status of the instrument.  Outputs and alarm status are always clearly visible, and can alert operators to an issue.   

The flow body is easy to clean - there are no “nooks and crannies” where particles can settle. The body can be easily drained for cleanings or calibrations with quick-connect fixtures and collecting a grab sample for verification does not require the operator to disconnect tubing to access the sample.  The low volume flow body allows changes in turbidity levels to be seen faster than competitive instruments.  

All models feature a solid state light source which means there are no bulbs to change over the life of the instrument.  The optical design has eliminated the chance for condensation and fogging, without the use of desiccants, and there is no risk of fouling the optical system with the presence of iron and manganese.  

The PTV Series also makes it easier than ever to access and analyze data.  Every logged reading, calibration and verification associated with a measurement module over its lifetime is stored locally, ensuring proof of routine data is never deleted or unavailable.  Operators are able to access the information directly from the instrument, so there is no need to locate maintenance logs or pull the data from a SCADA system. 


Part Number 6144693


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  • Drinking Water Treatment

Product information

  • Process Simplified - A New Approach
    Details Matter. The development of the PTV Series considered every aspect of process turbidity workflow - from installation and setup; daily measurement and control; routine procedures such as calibration, verification and maintenance; to data collection and management.
  • Smart User Interface - Rethink the Controller
    We’ve replaced the need for a traditional controller with the familiar interface of a smart device. By utilizing a mobile device app, the user experience is enhanced by allowing quick and easy data viewing, calculation of statistics and access to operator instructions and useful tips.
  • Designed to Save
    Save time, money and water by using the PTV system. These instruments are optimized for drinking water applications with unsurpassed low range accuracy (below 1 NTU). It has a variety of features that help users save.
  • Regulatory Compliant
    The PTV Series has instruments that meet EPA and ISO regulatory requirements.
  • Fluidics Manager
    The Fluidics Manager is an additional accessory that streamlines sample flowing into and out of the instrument. This eliminates the need to install and maintain separate devices to control sample entering and exiting the sensor.  
  • Panel Mounting System
    A Place for Everything - The Panel Mount is an additional accessory that aids in the installation of key instrument components and accessories.
  • Two Ways to Interface
    Touchscreen Interface - All PTV Series instruments are supplied with an integrated touchscreen. All measurement settings and routine functions such as calibration can be managed directly with the touchscreen without the need for additional devices.
    AquaLXP™ Interface - The AquaLXPTM app is an enhanced version of the touchscreen. In addition to being able to perform all of the functions as the touchscreen, users have access to animated instructions of all procedures, advanced data analysis and statistics tools, complete maintenance and repair logs as well as the comfort of using a familiar device.
  • Wet Standards - for Calibration & Verification
    T-CAL Turbidity Standards from Lovibond® Tintometer® are primary standards that are US EPA and ISO compliant.  
    When you combine our T-CAL Turbidity Standards and our T-CALplus™ packaging, turbidity standards have never been easier to use. 
Optics Red LED
Accuracy ±2 Percent of reading or smaller 0.008 / 8 mNTU
Display Touchscreen
Stray Light smaller 0.008 / 8 mNTU
Displayed Resolution up to 0.0001 NTU (range dependent) or 5 digits displayed
Repeatability / Precision better than 1% at 1 NTU
Initial Response 10 % change: 15 seconds @ max flow
Step Response (T-90), less than 240 seconds at 200 ml/min. at 1 NTU
Signal Averaging User Selectable: 1, 3, 6, 10, 30, 60, and 90 seconds, defaulted to 30 seconds
Sample Temperature 0 - 50 °C (32 to 122 °F) max sample temperature: 70 °C (158 °F)
Sample Flow 30 to 500 ml/min, optimal flow: 50 to 80 ml/min
Sample Inlet Connection 1/4-inch NPT female, 1/4-inch compression fitting tubing (included)
Sample Outlet (Drain) Connection 3/8-inch NPT female, 3/8-inch hose barb tubing (included)
Power Requirements 90 to 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Auto Select
Sample Inlet Tubing 1/4-inch OD or 6 mm OD
Sample Oulet Tubing 3/8-inch OD or 9 mm OD
Turbidimeter Body Drain Quick connect with integrated check valve
Calibration One Point Calibration at 5.0 or 20 NTU with any regulatory approved formazin
Analog Output: Measurement Module 1 selectable 0 - 20 mA or 4 - 20 mA; output span programmable over any portion of the measurement range
Analog Output: Junction Box 1 selectable 0 - 20 mA or 4 - 20 mA; output span programmable over any portion of the measurement range
Alarms Three set-point alarms, each equipped with an SPDT relay with unpowered contacts rated 5 A resistive load at 230 V, AC
Digital protocol Modbus RS485/RS232
Enclosure Type: Junction Box Fiber reinforced polyester
Enclosure Rating: Junction Box IP 66
Safety Listed by TÜV Rheinland to UL 61010A-1: Certified by TÜV Rheinland to CSAC22.2 No. 1010.1: CE Certified by TÜV Rheinland to EN 61010-1
Immunity CE certified by TÜV Rheinland to EN 61326 (Industrial Levels)
Mounting Hardware Turbidimeter Sensor - Slotted Mounting Bracket that can be affixed to any vertical surface or panel (Optional). Junction Box - Direct mounting to any vertical surface or panel (Optional)
Method of Verification Wet Standards or dry verification device
Limit of Determination 0.0001 NTU
Limit of Detection 0.001 NTU
Flow Indicator yes
Portability Process
Environmental Conditions 5 - 50 °C (41 to 122 °F), rel. humidity 5 - 95 % (Non-condensing)
Stock Conditions -40 - 60 °C (-40 - 140 °F)
Compliance EPA
Dimensions 158.5 x 340.4 x 334.5 mm
Testparameter Measuring Range Method No.
Turbidity 0.0001 - 100 NTU
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T-CALplus® -Standard, 0.30 NTU, Standard for Verification 48010035
T-CALplus® -Standard, 1.00 NTU, Standard for Verification 48010135
T-CALplus® -Standard, 20 NTU, Standard for Calibration 48010335
T-CALplus® -Standard, 5.00 NTU, Standard for Calibration 48010235
T-CAL®-Standard, 0,30 NTU, 500 ml 48011050
T-CAL®-Standard, 1,00 NTU, 500 ml 48011150
T-CAL®-Standard, 20,00 NTU, 500 ml 48012350
T-CAL®-Standard, 5,00 NTU, 500 ml 48012250
Scale Remover 54013003
Detergent Solution 54011010
Cleaning Solution 54010435
Panel, Instrument and Sample Management 19806-088
Assembly, Fluidics Manifold 19806-056
Constant Head Height Regulator 19806-058
Rotometer, 25 to 100 mL/min 19806-087
Tablet Wall Mount 19806-521
Dry Verification STD, Low Range ( < 10 NTU) 19806-111
Dry Verification STD, High Range ( > 10 NTU) 19806-110
T-CALplus Calibration Tube Assembly (Blue Tube)- 19806-062
Pad, Application, Microfiber, w/pocket 19806-803
Rinse bottle, 500 ml 420056
Kit, Fittings & Tubing 19806-059
Cleaning Tube Assembly (Black Tube) 19806-072
Kit, Bubble trap cover Replacement (comes with O-ring) 19806-077
Seal, Bubble trap cover, -241 - 19806-554
Valve; 1/4" Tubing Quick Connect 19806-494
Kit, Beam dump Replacement (comes with O-ring), for PTV 1000, PTV 2000 19806-078
O-ring, for Beam Dump 19806-416
Fitting, Quick Connect, Male 19806-436
Lanyard Strap 19806-448
Fitting, Quick Connect, Female 19806-449
Kit, Knob for bubble trap 19806-079
Kit, Drain fitting 19806-080
Assembly, Float 19806-054
Kit, Drain cover 19806-081
O-ring, Rear Drain cover 19806-434
Brass mounting cup assembly 19806-106
Mounting Cleat, for PTV 1000, PTV 2000 19806-082
Tubing, 1/4" OD, black, Polyethylene 19806-429
Tubing, 3/8" ID x 1/2" OD x 1/16" Wall, Clear PVC 19806-531
Kit, Flow body assembly, with Flow Meter 19806-083
Kit, Flow body assembly, without Flow Meter 19806-084
Measurement Module, PTV 2000 RL, with Bluetooth® 19806-705
Measurement Module, PTV 2000 RL 19806-704
Kit, Illuminator Lens Sub Assembly 19806-085
Illuminator O-ring 19806-407
Insert, Measurement Module Holder, Instrument Panel 19806-570
Fuse, 1.6A, 250VAC 19806-206
Strain Relief, 3/8" NPT 19806-527
Plug for Conduit holes 19806-487
Kit, Installation Connectors 19806-086
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