Hardness Total Indicator TH1P

  • Easy to use
  • High Quality Standard
  • Rapid dissolution
  • Popular in many countries

The fast and easy use of VARIO Powder Packs has made them extremely popular for water testing applications in many countries throughout the world.
The Lovibond® Powder Pack programme provides users with a real alternative to existing measurement systems.
The Vario Powder Packs are produced to the same high quality standards that have made Tintometer's tablet reagents so successful for several decades.
Parameters from aluminium and chlorine through to sulphate are just some of the well-known tests that are included in the VARIO Powder Pack range. Their chemical properties make them compatible to Hach® devices.*


* HACH® is a registered trademark of Hach Company, Loveland, Colorado. The use of the HACH® trademark does not imply any affiliation with or approval by Hach Company regarding the formulation, testing or compatibility of these products for use in HACH® brand spectrophotometers or other devices or systems.


Part Number 56P028340


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Product information

Parameter and Range Method No. Instrument Type
Hardness, total 5 - 600 mg/L CaCO3 56I700280
Hardness Calcium 5 - 600 mg/L CaCO3 56I700270
Title Online Download Type Format Language Direct Download
Instruction Manual Single Method 56I700280 - Hardness, total Instruction Manual PDF (2.42 MB)
Instruction Manual Single Method 56I700270 - Hardness Calcium Instruction Manual PDF (2.42 MB)