The suitable tablet for the fast result

  •     Highest accuracy
  •     Easy handling
  •     Precise dosing
  •     Enormous durability
Water analysis couldn’t be easier. Precise dosing, long shelf life and easy handling make the tablet reagent the most popular indicator system and the cheapest way to have analyze a parameter. The tablet reagent in the aluminium blister pack withstands almost all climatic conditions and external influences. In addition, there is no safety risk for the user.


Part Number 512350BT


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Product information

Parameter and Range Method No. Instrument Type
Copper HR T 0 - 4.0 mg/L Cu M3062
Copper LR T 0 mg/L Cu M3061
Zinc HR T 0 mg/L Zn M3112
Zinc LR T 0 - 1 mg/L Zn M2546 CHECKIT® Comparator Zinc LR, tablet reagents
Zinc T 0.02 - 1 mg/L Zn M400 MD 600
MD 600 Photometer Series
MD 610
MD 640
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Instruction Manual (Method No.: M2546) Instruction Manual PDF (0.56 MB)
Instruction Manual (Method No.: M3062) Instruction Manual PDF (0.03 MB)
Instruction Manual (Method No.: M3111, M3112) Instruction Manual PDF (0.02 MB)
Instruction Manual Single Method M400 - Zinc T Instruction Manual PDF (3.00 MB)
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