Titration Test Kit for Low Range Sulfite

  • Tablet reagents extend shelf-life of test kits and make reagent dosing easy and precise
  • Supplied ready-to-use with reagents and accessories  
  • Simple instructions, available in 8 languages 

The Low Range Sulfite MINIKIT is used to detect the level of sulfite in a water sample over the range of 2 - 50 mg/l sulfite as Na2SO3.

Lovibond® has replaced the liquid titration solution and indicator with tablet reagents - making reagent dosing simple, exact, and safe. With this test, tablets are added to a defined sample volume until a chemically induced color change takes place. The final result is calculated from the number of tablets required for the color change to occur.


Part Number 414340


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Product information

  • Easy procedures with exact reagent dosing
    Dispensing tablets is simple, precise, and safe. Simply push the foil through the pharmaceutical grade aluminum foil into the titration tube. 
  • Intuitive procedures
    MINIKITs are designed for use by professionals as well as non-technical users. Procedures are simple and easy to follow, ensuring everyone achieves error-free and reliable results.
  • Long shelf-life
    Tablet reagents used in the MINIKITs have up to a 5-year shelf life. And best of all - they are not subject to any transport restrictions.
  • Supplied ready-to-use
    All MINIKITs are supplied in a carrying case, making it easy to test in the field and keep supplies organized.  Kits are supplied with the required accessories and tablet reagents.
Testparameter Measuring Range Method No.
Sulphite, low 2 - 50 mg/L Na2SO3
Title Measuring Range Packaging Unit Part Number Add to quotation cart
Sulfite No. 1 2 - 50 mg/L Na2SO3 Tablet / 100 515270BT
Sulfite No. 2 LR 2 - 50 mg/L Na2SO3 Tablet / 100 515330BT
Sulfite No. 2 LR 2 - 50 mg/L Na2SO3 Tablet / 250 515331BT
Sulfite No. 2 HR 2 - 50 mg/L Na2SO3 Tablet / 100 515280BT
Sulfite No. 2 HR 2 - 50 mg/L Na2SO3 Tablet / 250 515281BT
Title Part Number Add to quotation cart
Plastic shaker tube, graduated 100 ml, with lid 385130
Brush, 11 cm length 380230
Title Online Download Type Format Language Direct Download
Datasheet 414340 - MINIKIT AF 434 Datasheet PDF (0.20 MB)
Instruction Manual Instruction Manual PDF (0.07 MB)
Title SDS Country Direct Download
Sulfite No_1
Sulfite No_2 HR
Sulfite No_2 LR