Cadmium with MERCK Spectroquant® Cell Test, No. 1.14834.0001

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Cadmium is the rarest of the common metals and resembles Zinc in its properties although it is much softer. It is most commonly used for electroplating steel particles, the coating produced being corrosion resistant and readily soldered. It is also used in glass, in pigments - Cadmium Sulphide is bright yellow - in alloys and in storage batteries. Salts of Cadmium are poisonous. The current EC limit in drinking water is 0.005 mg/l.


  • Drinking Water Treatment
  • Galvanization
  • Raw Water Treatment
  • Waste Water Treatment
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Spectrophotometer XD 7000 (VIS) Cadmium M. TT 0.025 - 0.75 mg/L Cd 71307000
Spectrophotometer XD 7500 (UV-VIS) Cadmium M. TT 0.025 - 0.75 mg/L Cd 71307500
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Cadmium Spectroquant 1.14834.0001 tube test M87 Array 25 pc. 420750
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Instruction Manual Single Method M87 - Cadmium M. TT Instruction Manual PDF (2.11 MB)