Turbidity is one of the most important parameters for measuring water quality – especially for drinking water. But it also causes the greatest difficulties. Lovibond® has the solution you need for reliable, fast & trouble-free processes in your daily monitoring routine.


Title Test Name Measuring Range Method No. Product Type Add to quotation cart
Turbidity 24 10 - 1000 FAU M386 Photometer
Turbidity 50 5 - 500 FAU M385 Spectrophotometer
Turbidity 0.0001 - 100 NTU Turbidimeter
Turbidity 0.01 - 1100 NTU Turbidimeter
Turbidity 0.01 - 4000 NTU Turbidimeter
Competence in Turbidity: The Lovibond product portfolio
Discover the wide range of instruments and standards for turbidity measurement in various applications. From the latest high class turbidimeter to state-of-the-art on-line process turbidity measurement instruments: Choose what you need.
TB350: Laboratory accuracy meets portability
Discover the most universal portable turbidimeter with laboratory accuracy on the market. With its new Multipath 90° BLAC® technology, the TB350 offers the highest measuring accuracy over the entire range. With many additional features, it is ideal for use in the field and in environmental analysis.
Multipath 90° BLAC®: The new Lovibond® sensor technology
Our unique sensor technology with dual 90° detectors guarantees unsurpassed accuracy for low and high turbidity samples. Find out why the arrangement of the detectors, the measuring angle and the light trap play an important role and what BLAC® stands for.
Compliance and light sources
ISO and the US EPA are the two main organisations that govern the design critera of a turbidimeter and set specifications or even regulations for turbidity measurement. Compliance to one of these standards is regionally based.