DI 10 Dipslide Incubator

Identify microorganisms and more

  • Robust design
  • Holds up to 12 dipslides
  • Excellent temperature stability
  • In-car operation

Part Number 56B000701

1 pc.

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Product information

The Lovibond® DI 10 Incubator is designed for the reliable incubation of bacteriological slides, on-site, in a laboratory or even while mobile in a car or van.

National and European guidelines give practical advice on how to monitor, clean, test and ultimately control harmful legionella bacteria in water systems.

Dipslides provide a crucial part in the testing program, but must be used correctly and regularly as part of a planned regime, week on week to be of any meaningful value.

The incubation period and the incubation temperature should be the same each time the test is performed so that bacteria growth is controlled and consistent each time the test is performed. This allows for week by week comparisons to be made and high counts easier to identify. Dipslides are usually incubated at 30 ̊C for 48 hours, but this can vary depending upon the specific application.

The Lovibond® DI 10 Incubator, when used in conjunction with dipslides, enables effective microbiological monitoring of cooling water in accordance with the many European guidelines.

Display 1 x 16 bit Backlit LCD
Power Supply 12 V
110 V
240 V
Dimensions 246 x 215 x 162 mm
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